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Inspection, cleaning and renovation of vent systems

Airbelux Dennis Kind sprl is specialized in the cleaning, the anti-corrosion protection and the renovation of air handling units and vent systems. Our services may include:

Cleaning of ventilation shaft systems


First, the vacuum unit is connected to the maintenance hatch or to one of the holes of the ventilation shaft's diffuser. Then, we cover the others.

Each part of the ductwork is cleaned with a rotating brush ( with reversible rotation direction and speed adapted to shaft types).

Air flow must be strong enough (10-20m/s) to push the dust detached from the shaft wall to the pocket filter of the vacuum unit.

This method guarantees perfect results and can be combined with a full disinfection of the system.

Inspection of ventilation systems

Renovation of air handling units

Our services may include:

  • Thorough cleaning of the unit
  • Manufacture of a polyester layer or coating
  • Delivery and replacement (if desired) of socket filters and frames

Our renovation services are covered under a 5-year warranty.

Industrial Maintenance


Anti-corrosion treatment of air-conditioning exchangers.


Renovation of towers.


Inspection, cleaning and renovation of vent systems.